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This may make financial sense, especially if you’re clinging onto the game or waiting for a decent hand, but it can upset other players around the table. Chopping the blinds is just another aspect of poker etiquette that has unwritten rules, and using a chop to your advantage can really get other players’ backs up. Chops can create feeling that you’re in cahoots with the player you’re chopping with, and even ruin short-handed games. The best way to play a chop is to be consistent – chop in every situation where it’s possible, or don’t chop at all. If you change your behaviour, then it’ll become obvious you’re dumping useless cards, and either upset everyone, or reveal your tells to the group. One situation where it’s totally possible to get at least a chop is by bluff-catch playing the board. A good example of this is a set of community cards that make up a straight or better, and a hand where we have absolutely nothing. Even if our opponent has a pair, we can still effectively hold a straight thanks to the cards on the table, and if our opponent does is chasing the same idea, then this makes for an easy chop where we can pick up as good as half the pot. Chopping in a game where you aren’t able to have a quick conversation with your opponent(s) is sometimes not possible, unless there’s a built-in option when there’s a possible chop, or if you can get a response out of anyone in the chat box. Naturally, you might want to chop at every opportunity if you’re not feeling your cards , but sometimes you’ll need to just bite the bullet and play or fold.

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